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Take a peek at my portfolio! This is a collection of projects completed over the past 6 years and covers a broad range of areas and skills. These projects consist of both paid jobs, proof of concepts and hobbies. Enjoy!

Web Apps, Virtual Reality, Unreal Engine, Unity, Raspberry Pi, NFC, Virtual Tours, 360 Video, Google Street View, Green Screens, Projection Mapping, Arch Viz and MORE!

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Laravel, Socialite, AWS Cognito, Tutorial

How to create a Laravel AWS SSO application

This is a Laravel based tutorial which will walk you through the implementation of the Socialite package in addition to the AWS Cognito socialite provider.

This can be used to create multiple apps that all use a single AWS Cognito user account. This is great for a chain of related businesses who share a single user pool. By using this authentication method if a user logs into app A then switches to app B their logged in status will carry between the apps. If the user logs out of one app they are globally logged out of all apps.

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